The Immigrant A Novel- Manju Dalmia
The Immigrant A Novel- Manju Kapur
The Immigrant A Novel by Manju Kapur
The Immigrant- Manju Kapur Dalmia
The Immigrant in Hindi- Manju Kapur



Crossing from one culture to another, what does it do to you? How do you cope when every single thing around you is different, and that too married to a man you barely know?


How does shuttling between two countries, if not physically, then mentally and emotionally, constantly jumping from one to another in your head, affect your behavior, your thoughts, your feelings?  After a while, can you even recognize yourself?


Living in another country can be liberating. You are freed from expectations, from society, friends, family, you are free to be yourself.

But what is that self that can live separated from all these ties? Is there one at all? 
The Immigrant explores these issues.

The story, set in Halifax, Canada and Delhi, India, deals with Nina, a thirty year old college teacher, who leaves her job, her family and her country to marry a dentist, Ananda, who is an immigrant in Canada.


The Immigrant, Random House, India, 2008,  Faber And Faber, 2008.