Custody- Manju Kapur
Custody A Novel- Manju Kapur
Custody A Book by Manju Kapur
Custody A Novel by Manju Kapur



Custody is set in the Delhi of the 90s, at the time of economic liberalization in India. It deals with two families, both of them essentially middle class, with a middle class emphasis on marriage if the child is female and education if the child is male.


Different parts of Delhi represent different social strata. South Delhi is the city of rising MNC executives, with large salaries, and stressful, competitive jobs. East Delhi is largely devoted to housing societies, societies which have enabled many salaried people in financially unexciting jobs, to own a home of their own. Tees Hazari or the lower courts are located in North Delhi, where the particularly painful divorce and custody battles of Shagun and Raman are fought. The lives of the characters play out in these discrete areas, with parents, in-laws and children tossed around in the battle of who owns who.


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